Dentures And Partials

Dr. Bob Mays can assist you with all your denture needs in Sparks, NV.

Dentures are custom made prosthetic appliances that are used to help replace missing tooth, gum and bone structure after removal of all of a person's teeth. According to the CDC, one out of every four Americans over age 65 has lost all of their teeth. Some of these patients have learned to live without teeth and do not use dentures. Missing teeth or ill fitting dentures make it difficult to eat or speak clearly and this can take a toll on you health, well being and social life. Over time, tooth loss can lead to the collapse of facial features and wrinkling around the nose and mouth. Dentures offer patients with complete tooth loss a way to regain some oral function and a natural looking smile again. Denture fabrication involves a full evaluation by Dr. Mays and Dr. Banks of your gums and jaws. You will have a mold of your jaws taken first. Then precise measurements showing the distance between your upper and lower jaws as well as the position of the upper front teeth will be taken. These measurements and impressions are used to create practice or wax dentures for you to try in and evaluate. This step is where we get to see the dentures for the first time and evaluate all of the esthetic, phonetic and functional aspects of the new dentures. This is also the step where changes can still be made as the dentures are in the wax form and the teeth can be moved to meet individual needs or desires. You will need to make choices about the tooth location, color, size and shape as well as the amount and location of the facial support. Once the dentures are approved, then and only then will the dentures be fabricated in to the final dentures for delivery. On the delivery of your custom made dentures, the fit will be evaluated and any rough, high or "hot " spots adjusted as well as instructions on there use and care. It may take a few visits to get the fit just right due to movement of the dentures. There is a learning period when you first get your new dentures, even if you have worn dentures before. Most patients do well with an upper denture but the lower denture is a different story. Most patients struggle to function with a lower denture. Glues, adhesives and pads help but for most patients they remedies are still unsatisfactory. This is were dental implants really shine. Dental implants retain the lower denture so securely that patients function just as well or better with the lower denture than they do with the upper denture. Also, dentures need to be checked occasionally. The shape and size of your gums and jawbone will continue to change over time and the dentures will not. This is the case where a reline of the dentures is indicated. It is not necessary to make all new dentures but just a "refit" to the new shape of the gums and the jawbone. With a well made set of dentures you can expect function, a more natural appearance, clearer speech and overall better self-esteem.

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Dentures and Partials