Teeth Whitening in Sparks, NV

Dr. Bob Mays offers Teeth Whitening in Sparks NV for those people who desire a brighter whiter smile. Teeth Whitening or "bleaching" is a cosmetic procedure intended for adult patients with a build up of stain on their teeth from food and drink consumption, tobacco products and other lifestyle habits. Discoloration in children's teeth is usually developmental, occurring throughout all the tissues of the teeth, which surface whitening or "bleaching" does not address. So, children may require different cosmetic procedures that adults to achieve whiter brighter teeth.

Professional tooth whitening can make teeth up to 6-8 shades lighter resulting in a dramatically younger, brighter smile. Not everyone will obtain the same results or degree of tooth whitening. At home whitening treatment uses a custom molded plastic tray and a concentrated peroxide gel that the patient uses at there own pace. In office "light or laser" whitening treatment activates the peroxide gel to make the treatment work faster. Which ever system is used, there is a slight rebound affect that occurs. Depending on the cause of the stain on there teeth, the whitening that occurred can be maintained with periodic touch up bleaching sessions 2-3 times per year. Continuous day after day use of whitening materials is not recommended and can cause damage to teeth over the long term.

Dr. Bob Mays primarily uses the "at home" Teeth Whitening in Sparks NV. All the methods of teeth whitening can cause tooth and or gum sensitivity. The "at home" treatment allows the patient the most control over the whitening process as well as control over the sensitivity that may occur. If a patient experiences tooth and or gum sensitivity, it does not mean that they can not whiten there teeth, it means that they need to whiten at slower treatment pace. With the "at home" treatment option, the patient is in control.

For the "at home" treatment, impressions are made of your teeth and gums. On the models, custom plastic bleaching trays will be fabricated. At the delivery appointment, the trays are inserted and checked for fit. Instructions for use of the whitening material is covered and a starting shade will be taken. Follow up appointments are made at regular intervals to evaluate the whitening process. Refill kits are available when the whitening material is consumed. Depending on the use, the trays can last for a number of bleaching treatments.

We have also used plastic orthodontic retainers as bleaching trays if the patient has them and they fit well. For patients that have recently had braces removed and they are wearing retainers for the retention phase of treatment, teeth whitening is an excellent way to add the final touch to straighter teeth.

If you are looking for Teeth Whitening in Sparks NV, Dr. Bob Mays can provide you the assistance to make the best choice for you. Give us a call today!!