Cerec One Visit Crowns

We offer the advanced technology of Cerec Dentistry in Sparks, Nevada. This CAD/CAM, (computer assisted design/computer assisted milling) system was first introduced in 1989 by Sirona. In approximately 2004, the software was written that allowed 3-D chair side designing and milling. This revolutionized this technology. It has really taken off since then with increased precision and shorter design and milling times.

Dr. Bob Mays was the first to offer Cerec Dentistry in Sparks, Nevada beginning in the fall of 2004. He currently is using the latest version of this remarkable system. Most patients are aware of "caps" or "crowns." Crowns are made to restore badly broken down, fractured or decayed teeth. As a general guideline, if one half or more of the tooth structure is missing after all of the old restoration and decay are removed, then a crown may be needed to restore the tooth to functional strength. Crowns can be done two ways. First, the conventional technique is done over two or more appointments. This requires a temporary crown to protect the tooth while the final restoration is made in a laboratory outside the office, approximately two weeks. Second, is the Cerec CAD/CAM Technology directly in the office.

By offering Cerec Dentistry in Sparks, Nevada directly to our patients, we eliminate the use of temporaries and second visits for almost all of our crown procedures. The computer, in office, is used to design and fabricate your specific crown restoration for your tooth in one appointment for almost all cases. NO TEMPORARY and NO SECOND VISIT is needed. An additional benefit of the Cerec Technology is that, for most restorations, it is NOT necessary to cut the tooth down all the way to the gum line as was commonly done in the past for conventional crowns. This preserves more of your natural tooth, makes for a stronger restored tooth and decreases the change of post operative complications from damage to the nerve of the tooth.

We are proud to offer Cerec Dentistry in Sparks, Nevada and would be happy to show this remarkable technology to you.

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